Compania Pesquera Camanchaca fishing company was established in 1965, focused most of its initial efforts on cathing and processing shrimp and Langostinos.
After 1980, new management led the company into additional areas of the fishing business, notably fishmeal production and salmon farming. While much could be said about Camanchaca growth since, they have diversified into such varied activities as fishmeal and fish oil, Salmon farming, Trout farming, Scallops farming, Mussel farming, Langostinos, and canned jack Mackerel. Their products are now available in leading markets around the world.
Fishing, processing and farming operations are directed from the headquarter at Av. El Golf 99, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile.
Camanchaca has also established two daughter companies, Camanchaca Inc. in Miami, USA and Camanchaca Ltd. in Tokyo, Japan.
Camanchaca headquarter, Santiago, Chile
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